Most commercial businesses in Goose Creek, SC, utilize HVAC systems to keep their indoor air quality cool, clean, fresh and healthy. In industrial areas, HVAC systems are a significant investment and account for the most substantial energy consumption in business. Here are ways business owners can save energy and money while using their commercial HVAC.

1. Change/Clean HVAC Filters Regularly

To ensure that your HVAC system works for a long time and isn’t unnecessarily raising your energy costs, you should ensure that the air filters do not become filled with dust. Clogged air filters will restrict the flow of air and, in the process, work slower and use a lot of power. You should change or clean the HVAC air filters every one to three months to improve indoor air quality and cut costs on your HVAC system.

2. Invest in Smart Thermostats

Installing programmable or smart thermostats in a commercial area can go a long way in saving energy and money. The beauty of these programmable HVAC systems is that you can program them to either cool or heat the business premises, depending on the season.

You can learn to adjust your thermostats during the summer season to save on energy cost. For example, during summers, you can set the thermostat to 78 degrees during office hours and 85 degrees when nobody is in the office. You can automate and streamline the process and not have to rely on your memory.

3. Ensure Regular Maintenance and Repair

Schedule an appointment at least twice a year for commercial HVAC maintenance. Regular maintenance helps to cut down costs by up to 20%.

This is the best way to catch problems early and fix them before they cause any inconvenience to your customers and employees. It will also prevent small problems from turning into costly repairs.

4. Carry Out HVAC Replacement or Upgrade

Sometimes replacing an HVAC system is the best solution to cutting costs and saving energy. Most modern HVAC systems save energy up to 20%, sometimes more.

Call Acute Heating & Cooling today if your HVAC system has been using up a lot of energy. We will schedule an appointment with you, and help in the regular maintenance, replacement or repair of your HVAC system.

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