Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient way to heat and cool your Goose Creek, SC, home. After about 15 years of use, a heat pump reaches the end of its lifespan. By this time, it will lose some of its energy efficiency, costing you more in utility bills. It will likely need more frequent repairs also. Here’s what you need to know when you start looking for a new heat pump.

Variable-speed Motors

Variable-speed motors on the indoor air blower, outdoor fan, or both units increase heat pump efficiency, explains the Department of Energy. They offer consistent airflow through your home. This minimizes cold or hot spots in certain rooms or areas of your house. The variable-speed motors operate quietly on the low setting, making them whisper-quiet running.

Multi-speed Compressors

Older heat pumps have a standard compressor, which operates at one speed. A multi-speed compressor allows the heat pump to operate at a slower speed when the home is close to the desired temperature and at a higher speed when more cooling or heating is needed. This saves a lot of electricity and lowers your utility costs. Since the compressor operates at a lower speed most of the time, it also has less wear and tear. The compressor could last longer.

Heat Strips

Once in a while, Goose Creek has a cold winter night. The backup heat strip on new heat pumps improves their energy efficiency at sub-freezing temperatures. Most older heat pumps have resistance heating, which uses an excessive amount of electricity. Because a heat pump isn’t able to extract enough heat from the outdoor air at temperatures lower than 20 degrees Fahrenheit, newer heat pumps offer a backup heating source.

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