Odd noises are a common sign of an HVAC system about to fail, but there are plenty of harmless humming, clicking and popping sounds. Listen carefully for these noises in your Goose Creek, SC home to determine if it’s time to schedule an HVAC inspection for a heat pump repair.


Clicking noises coming from inside the HVAC cabinet often point to a failing capacitor. If the system is constantly clicking on and off, then it might be triggered by a dirty air filter, leaking refrigerant, malfunctioning thermostat or disrupted relay. Short cycling can happen for many reasons that are prevented with regular HVAC maintenance.


Loud hissing sounds coming from the system, vents or behind the walls indicate that air is escaping. This wastes a lot of energy, so you may also see a steep hike on your energy bill. The culprit may be leaky ductwork or an air filter that is too small or improperly set. These issues can contribute to lower indoor air quality, faster-clogging filters and uneven heating or cooling throughout your home.


Clatters, clanks, scrapes and rattles signal more serious problems. It is best to immediately cut the power since loose internal parts, sagging pipes rubbing together, a failed condenser fan motor or an overloaded circuit breaker can cause further damage.

Whistling or Squealing

Leaking refrigerant can create a high-pitched whistle. The noise can also originate from an excessive amount of internal pressure building up. A squeal at startup may be due to a weakening motor belt or bearings.

If you are concerned about noises that your HVAC system makes, contact Acute Heating & Cooling. Our certified technicians will troubleshoot the issue until we find the source of the problem. We are also your go-to resource for all air conditioning, furnace and heat pump repair, maintenance and diagnostic services for your Goose Creek, South Carolina, HVAC system.

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