Energy Efficient Ductless AC Installations and Service in Summerville, SC, and Surrounding Areas

    If you’re tired of suffering in the summer heat or sick of noise from your window units, consider a ductless AC system. Acute Heating & Cooling offers ductless air conditioning systems for one room or a whole home at an affordable price with easy installation.

    Benefits of Ductless AC

    Don’t think of ductless AC like a window air conditioner. Other than the fact they both provide air conditioning, they have no other similarities. Ductless units or mini-split systems offer many benefits over both conventional air conditioning units and window units.

    Some of those benefits include:

    • Easy ductless installation – Many historic and older homes don’t have ductwork and lack the room to install them. Ductless systems are perfect solutions and are quickly installed.
    • Nearly silent operation – The interior unit is generally around 20 decibels, that’s similar to rustling leaves.
    • Increased comfort for everyone – When your family can’t agree on a perfect temperature, ductless AC is the way to go. Each room or area can be cooled to the individual’s preferred temperature.
    • Energy-efficient – Whether you’re concerned with the environment or your utility bills, ductless air conditioning operates more efficiently than other air conditioning units.

    Acute Heating & Cooling Offers Leading Name Brand Ductless Systems

    Unlike running ducts through a home, ductless AC requires just a small hole in your wall for proper venting and to connect to the main exterior unit. This makes the installation much less of a hassle and quite quick. If you’re considering a ductless AC system for your home, we’ll answer all your questions and provide you with a no-obligation consultation and a written quote for the right system for your home. We offer Mitsubishi ductless AC systems, one of the most respected names in air conditioning.

    Providing Ductless Maintenance and Repair

    Just like a traditional HVAC system, your ductless air conditioning should receive regular maintenance. Acute Heating & Cooling offers complete system maintenance to all brands, whether we installed your system or not. If you’d like details on what our maintenance includes and the cost, call us and tell us how many room units you have and the brand and any other details you may have.

    If you find that you need repair to your ductless system, we’re ready to help with that as well. Our specialists have the latest diagnostic tools to find your issue and the parts to fix them quickly. We’ll answer your questions and provide a clear and comprehensive estimate before starting any work.

    Acute Heating & Cooling Ductless Systems

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    For your installation, repair or maintenance of your ductless air conditioner, we’re the company you can count on for exceptional service and honest answers for your home in Summerville, SC, and the surrounding area.

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