When you’d like to lower your Goose Creek, SC home’s heating and cooling costs without sacrificing comfort, a smart thermostat is a wise choice. These systems connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and work with compatible heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Here are three reasons to invest in a smart thermostat.

Increase Energy Efficiency

With an intelligent thermostat, you can increase the energy efficiency of your home. The thermostats with an Energy Star rating automatically go to low-energy mode, explains Energy Star. Their algorithms learn your schedule and optimize the heating or cooling cycles in order to reach the thermostat settings at the time you wake up or return home. This maximizes your comfort while reducing unnecessary heating and cooling cycles.

Lower Utility Bills

Intelligent thermostats automatically adjust the temperature of your home when you’re away. They do this through geofencing algorithms. In the summertime, while you’re away from home, they raise the temperature by seven to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. In the wintertime, they lower the temperature by this amount. The thermostats analyze your energy usage and provide energy efficiency recommendations. If your travels will keep you away from home for a longer period of time, you can adjust the thermostat’s scheduling and save more money.

Add Convenience to Your Life

The software and algorithms in intelligent thermostats are updated on a regular basis. This allows them to make accurate predictions about your schedule and comfort needs. They anticipate your return home and adjust their heating and cooling cycles at the right time. You can also make adjustments with the thermostat’s app on your smartphone. If you’re returning home earlier than expected, just open the app, make your adjustment, and your home will be at the right temperature when you return. The app can also alert you when it’s time for an HVAC maintenance visit.

For more information about how smart thermostats are a good investment for your home, check out Acute Heating & Cooling’s heating and cooling systems.

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